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Yonex Percept 97

97 sq. in. Head size weighing 10.9 oz. unstrung.  Balance 310 mm.

Materials:  HM GRAPHITE / 2G-Namd™-Flex Force graphite allows the racquet to quickly flex and snap back for greater spin and faster ball acceleration off the string bed. Flex Force / SERVO FILTER-A transparent film placed between graphite enhances flexibility when pressure is applied and filters out unnecessary vibration.  Stiff Racquet Face design increasing the graphite content of the racquet face.  Improving ball control by stabilizing the racquet face at impact.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 v14

f you’re strong enough to handle this racket, the payoff in power is huge. The Wilson Pro Staff 97 v14 is a precision-oriented racket ideal for advanced players. Slightly lighter than the Pro Staff RF 97, it still has a high weight that’s concentrated in the handle. Designed with Paradigm Bending technology to optimize the bending profile between the shaft and hoop, this racket offers precision and pinpoint control. We arranged the double braid at 45-degree angles, allowing the frame to breathe more upon impact. This increases dwell time while maintaining the stability responsible for the classic Pro Staff feel.

Babolat Pure Aero 2023

The new Aero has a few updates providing a more arm friendly stick.

Babolat adds comfort with NF² Technology, which uses flax inserts in the handle and upper hoop to soften ball impact. Babolat also updates its FSI Spin technology with slightly tighter string spacing. The result is greater control (and confidence) when maximizing stroke speed in the service of power and spin.

Joola Ben Johns Perseus CFS 16mm

Ben Johns’ new paddle has been carefully engineered, utilizing direct R&D feedback from the World #1 pickleball player, to win in competition. Boasting new Charged Carbon surface technology, the JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus CFS 16 provides impressive power and pop and produces incredibly precise shots. The sweet spot-optimization expands the optimal hitting area and enhances your connection to the paddle, so that you are always in command of your game. The paddle is further bolstered by a grippy Carbon Friction textured surface to generate maximum spin. The carbon-framed design fortifies the paddle’s strength and durability to ensure a consistent playing experience game after game.

Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta Paddle

The latest innovation from Selkirk.   Favored for its increased sweet spot size when compared to other elongated Pickleball paddle shapes, the Invikta is popular with intermediate to Pro player, and is the brainchild of National Pickleball Champion, Tyson McGuffin. Its elongated shape, large sweet spot, and long handle provide more power, more reach, and more spin.

Gearbox CX14E Ultimate Power

The Gearbox CX14E Ultimate Power Elongated Paddle is designed for players who like a thicker-than-average and more stable paddle, but want to upgrade to Gearbox’s Solid Span Technology (SST) core, and level-up their power game.  Constructed with 3K woven carbon fiber face to add a noticeable level of power this 14mm (0.55″) thick-core paddle. Further engineering was employed in orienting the graphite fibers to absorb impact vibrations, limit paddle torqueing (twisting) as a result of off-center strikes, and make the paddle quieter than many others on the market today. Finally, another new innovation to the Ultimate Power series is Hyper-Bite 2.0 Technology. This technology is the culmination of multiple elements from the core itself, to the carbon fiber face, to two applications of urethane and texture to bite and impart spin onto a pickleball like never before.

Nike Zoom Vapor pro 2 women’s HC

The low-to-the-ground design and the springy Zoom Air cushioning that helps you break from baseline to baseline, with that familiar Vapor comfort that helps keep you fresh on unforgiving surfaces.  A forefoot Zoom Air unit offers spring in your 1st step, helping you get to that forehand winner along the baseline or approach the net with suddenness. The cushioned midsole offers support without adding unnecessary weight.

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 women’s

How does K-Swiss make its best-selling shoe model even better? By adding Surgelite midsole technology the Hypercourt Express 2 becomes even lighter and more comfortable while keeping its trademark breathability and generous fit. Additionally, the brand introduces Durawrap Flex, giving the shoe more support with no break-in period. The new upper design instantly makes the model fresh and modern looking which will impress current and new tennis players who wear the shoe.


Mizuno Exceed tour 5 AC men’s

Faster, lighter and more flexible than before, the all-new WAVE EXCEED TOUR 5 AC is designed for the advanced player looking for the utmost in explosive on-court performance. Our latest technological innovation, MIZUNO ENERZY, is integrated in the midsole at the forefoot and throughout the sock liner to deliver quicker turns, starts and stops for optimum performance and ultimate energy return. An all-new “bootie ” construction and a remodeled 3D-SOLID upper design offer greater flexibility and comfort, allowing the foot to truly integrate with the shoe no matter how intense the movements. MIZUNO WAVE® Technology increases ankle stability and shock re-distribution while the DuRubber outsole provides the durability and longevity top players demand.